transforming spaces for deserving places & people one room at a time

 Co-Founder's Debra and Eric Faber



Charitable Design was created to make a real difference in our community, one room at a time. Born of the belief that a beautiful room and place can be healing, The Westside Design Group established Charitable Design to redesign rooms and spaces for an individual / family in emotional or physical crisis or a non-profit organization serving their community.

Non-Profit Board Members, Staff,  and Volunteers work hard. And in a world where non-profits like to boast about running "lean and mean," it may seem nearly impossible to compensate everyone for doing good work without breaking the budget.    Enter CHARITABLE DESIGN.

Through our network of donors, designers, retailers and industry suppliers, CHARITABLE DESIGN redesigns individuals homes or nonprofit offices and spaces bringing design sensibility and a sense of home to under-represented places. All for almost nothing out-of-pocket.

The appearance of your non-profit organization’s office is unique, in that it not only represents your staff, volunteers, and clients served, but it also represents the business and cause that you represent. Your office is a space that you have to be comfortable in, but only to the extent that your comfort allows you to be more successful and productive. Your office also provides you with a rare opportunity to control the world around you, allowing you to create an atmosphere which is intended to provoke certain feelings and reactions from others, while casting you and your organization in the most favorable light possible.

Whether redesigning a youth area with fun vibrant furnishings that invoke a sense of happiness and pride, or revitalizing your volunteer area so that they feel better and more productive when they are working to serve your cause, research shows that one’s environment has a dramatic impact on productivity and everyone’s success and well-being.   It makes a world of difference when everyone feels good about being in your space and Charitable Design is committed to transforming the spaces of Non-Profits for the betterment and well being of everyone.

You nominate the candidates who may qualify. Nominees may be entered by writing a 200-500 word essay about the person or organization in need. If your candidate is chosen, The Westside Design Group will team up with local and national vendors to create, plan and execute a complete makeover from floor to ceiling. From paint to floor coverings, lighting to upholstered furniture, case goods to window treatments and accessories, we'll take care of all the details.

Think of it as Extreme Room Makeover for the Westside.

Charitable Design goals...

  • BENEFIT the community by improving the lives of individuals or spaces of organizations.
  • CREATE an opportunity for local and national manufacturers, vendors and artists to participate as a team to affect real change in the lives of others.
  • ENCOURAGE local and national publicity to motivate designers across the country to draw on their talent to make positive changes in their communities.
  • LAUNCH a local campaign to INSPIRE national change.

Co-founded by long time entertainment industry interior designer and home stager, Debra Donnelly Faber, and her husband, Eric Carl Faber, a nonprofit veteran and recent recipient of the Small Business Council of America 2010 Humanitarian of the Year Award in Washington D.C., Charitable Design is committed to working with Non-Profits to improve their organization thru providing vibrant, fun, uplifting, and positive spaces in collaboration with these partners: